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Modern Auditorium featuring Flicker-Free lighting and High-Frequency DMX Dimming

Our proprietary VX™ DMX driver is built into all Meteor luminaires, offering key technologies for advanced lighting designs like this Maize Performing Center
Maize Performing Arts and Aquatics Center

As part of a $108.2 million bond for schools in Kansas, the Maize Unified School District recently built a state-of-the-art Performing Arts and Aquatics Center. Designed by SJCF Architects and supported by Mercer Zimmerman, half of this 88,0000 sq. ft. facility features a 950-seat fine arts auditorium with a 2nd level balcony and a performance stage. 

Maize Performing Arts Center

Thirty-six Atria 6 Meteor cylinders were installed in the auditorium to offer high ceiling illumination that is powerful, yet discreet enough to be mounted within the uniquely designed ceiling panel slots.

Compatible with DMX dimming, the cylinders not only offer theatrical dimming down to 0.1% but also reduce the number of cylinders required to illuminate such a space by delivering up to 10,000 lumens of illuminationClick here to explore more auditorium applications

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