The New Bolt Nova for Natatorium Environments

The Bolt Nova series are Meteor's latest groundbreaking natatorium-rated, indirect luminaire set to redefine the landscape of indirect applications.
Introducing the Bolt Nova, an unparalleled lighting solution meticulously crafted for challenging natatorium environments and high-impact sports applications.

Masterfully illuminate large spaces with subtle, high-efficacy indirect illumination.”

With over a decade of illuminating diverse natatorium projects, from community recreation centers to Olympic-sized pools, the Bolt Nova is an amalgamation of our engineering prowess for Natatoriums.

Efficient Cooling, Unmatched Performance

In the dynamic arena of challenging environments, the Bolt Nova shines with a commitment to reliable performance. Its innovative heat dissipation features ensure an unwavering consistency as it illuminates spaces with a remarkable lumen range from 43,750 up to 147,000.

Key Features of the Bolt Nova Include:

  • A robust Uni-Body Design for optimal heat distribution
  • Isolated Light Engine and Power Box for superior heat dissipation
  • A proprietary Dynamic Heat Management System that regulates luminaire wattage based on ambient operating temperature
  • Deep asymmetric throw optics

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