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Discover Archi-Color: Dynamic Color Changing Technology at Resorts World Las Vegas

Read how the hottest new resort on the Las Vegas Strip is illuminated by Archi-Color, our next-generation color-changing technology
resort world las vegas

The Globe at The District, Resorts World Las Vegas

This $4.3 billion property development features 3 hotels, more than 40 restaurants, multiple bars, a pool complex, a casino, and a 5,000-person music venue. Visitors also cannot miss the massive 100,000 sq. ft. LED display on the West Tower, which showcases upcoming live events, concerts, and promotions.

Arrive in Style

If you’re looking to get to Resorts World in style, you can use the innovative Vegas Loop, an all-electric, zero-emissions, high-speed underground public transportation by Elon Musk’s, The Boring Company. As you get off at RWLV station, the entire underground space is illuminated with over 200, Vela 6 cylinders. 

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Specified in the Vegas Loop, an all-electric, high-speed underground public transportation by Elon Musk are Meteor’s Vela 6 luminaires.

A Dynamic Shopping Experience

A short escalator ride from the RWLV station lands you at The District; a 70,000 sq. ft retail center spread across two floors that feature some of the world’s prominent brands, and a new retail experience with cashier-less technology. Illuminating the walkways, and surrounding eateries of The District are several Atria 4 Cylinders, and REV 4 downlights all featuring Archi-Color™ W+RGB technology.

REV 4 downlight installation

Atria 4 Cylinder installation

Atria 10 Cylinder installation

The Globe at the District

Color Changing Technology for Majestic High Ceiling Spaces

The centerpiece of The District is The Globe, an LED video globe measuring 50 feet in diameter, and standing 40 feet high. It has 8,640 triangular LED panels that contain 20 million pixels and projects interactive images at every-hour intervals.

To further enhance the visual experience, one hundred eighteen Atria 10 cylinders featuring Archi-Color™ W+RGB technology are suspended above, providing mesmerizing color changes in harmony with The Globe’s performance.

Take a look at The Globe Show

Google Bay View

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