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Archi-Color™ W+RGB technology in action at the Oslofjord Convention Center

Integrating Archi-Color™ W+RGB technology in one of Europe's largest conference destinations
The Oslofjord convention center boasts a stunning lighting design featuring more than 250 Meteor cylinders and recessed downlights equipped with our innovative W+RGB solution. The design, created by Light Bureau in partnership with our UK representative LITE, transforms the space into a dazzling display of color and light.

Starting in the winter of 2020, Meteor Lighting has been involved in the redesign of one of Europe’s largest conference destinations with the support of our key partner LITE, based in the U.K.

The Oslofjord convention center in Stokke, Norway, is a versatile event venue that has played host to a wide range of events, including equestrian competitions, cheerleading championships, boxing matches, gala dinners, concerts, and conferences.

Meteor’s involvement centers around the conference center, which is the heart of Oslofjord and has a capacity of 6,800 people. With a floor area of 5,000 square meters, the conference center is the perfect venue for large-scale events. 

Meteor was tasked with relighting the entire Oslofjord convention center using our patented Colorflip™ W+RGB color-changing technology that allows for a high degree of flexibility and the creation of truly unique and inspiring events.

The conference center features more than one hundred and fifty Atria 10, high-ceiling cylinders with a full W+RGB 14,146-lumen package. Twenty-two Atria 6, and one hundred and two Rev 4, for powerful multifunctional lighting.

The Atria Series
Proprietary Colorflip™ W+RGB

We worked closely with the designers at Light Bureau, to develop a lighting simulation design that would meet the needs and requirements of the Oslofjord convention center project. Through in-depth discussions on flexible mounting options, customizing a shucko socket on every fixture, and comprehensive DMX addressing, we were able to fully deliver our lighting solutions. Our close collaboration with the design team ensured that the final result was a success.


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