Lighting Meets E-Mobility

Illuminate Your Space, Power Your Future

Combining LED lighting and EV charging into a single, space-efficient bollard solution.

Meteor offers an all-in-one lighting and charging station that simplifies the setup for property owners. Our integrated system, with hardware, software, and management capabilities, provides a hassle-free experience – making EV charging accessible and convenient for all.

Illumination at the core

Lighting is our expertise. We offer a range of options, including color temperatures, optics and dimming, to create the perfect ambiance for your space.

Effortless charging

Our efficient Level II chargers, offering 40A and up to 35 miles/hour range, equipped with LTE connectivity and app-free, scan-and-charge functionality for user convenience.

Streamlined Management

Integrate with a centralized backend that enables live monitoring and power managing, all with comprehensive support from the Meteor team.

Light Bollard with Single/Dual Charger

Pole Base with Single/Dual Charger

Street light with Single/Dual Charger

Lighting Prowess Fused with EV Innovation

Meteor was one of the first to introduce solar lighting and LED bollards to the US market, we now combine a decade of lighting mastery with integrated EV charging infrastructure to propel a sustainable new era.

Merchandise Mart Plaza
Chicago, IL

Your Vision, Illuminated.

Our team is here to guide you. With years of experience in lighting solutions, we’ll help you visualize how we can transform your space.

Arrive at workplaces, malls, amusement parks – greeted by inviting illumination. Power up your vehicle with a phone scan while you shop, work, play.

Meteor integrates lighting and EV charging for safety, convenience across corporate campuses, retail complexes, parking areas, public spaces and more.

Full Range Solution

Meteor handles hardware provision, backend integration and ongoing management – a true one-stop solution.

Hardware Provisioning

Need just the hardware? We can provide them alone. Giving you the flexibility to manage according to your specific requirements.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary electrical evaluation for your site.

Our experts will assess your site’s power capabilities and provide tailored recommendations to optimize your infrastructure.