Explore an endless array of color, ranging from high-performance white illumination to dynamic color transformations, all from a single fixture.

50%+ High Quality White Light

Traditional RGBW fixtures in commercial spaces have drawbacks. They often create poor quality white light by blending RGB LEDs, leading to incorrect white light and low CRI.

With Archi-Color™, 50-66% of the luminaire is dedicated to delivering a reliable, high-quality independent white light. This ensures consistent and true-to-color lighting suitable for a multitude of applications.

Color Consistency Over Time

Archi-Color™ utilizes phosphor-covered LEDs to maintain stable and consistent colors over extended operational periods. Unlike color-changing fixtures originally designed for rapid changes, Archi-Color™ is specifically tailored for long-term use in commercial lighting. We prioritize color stability, ensuring that colors remain unchanged over time.

100+ Projects

We’ve witnessed a growing fascination with color-changing projects, each illuminating the boundless possibilities of dynamic lighting.

Manna Fellowship Church, Pleasant Hill, MO
Resorts World Las Vegas, NV

Impact Networking, Lake Forest, IL

Portsmouth Guildhall Conference, England

Oslosfjord Convention Center, Norway

Next-Generation Color Mastery: Embracing Hue

After the resounding success and growing popularity of W+RGB, Meteor set out to elevate this technology to the next level. The result: Archi-Color™ Hue, a testament to our commitment to Research & Development in California. This innovative breakthrough, driven by the patented flip-chip LED design, is now available across an array of luminaires, including compact 2-inch chips.

Archi-Color™ W+RGB

In 2018, Meteor launched Archi-Color™ W+RGB, a revolutionary lighting solution. This innovation introduced an independent white light channel, comprising 50% of dedicated white light and 50% RGB. With four channels and DMX control compatibility, it offers unparalleled precision and versatility.


Archi-Color™ W+Hue

Meteor’s latest color-changing solution builds upon the foundation of W+RGB, introducing a new advance method of precise color control, enhanced color accuracy and optimized lumen performance.


Archi-Color™ W+RGB

W+RGB offers 50% of the luminaire as true white light that can be customized to any white color temperature you need, and 50% of RGB. This method delivers high lumen performance and high efficacy, providing the best of both worlds.

Archi-Color™ W+Hue

The new Archi-Color™ Hue pushed the boundaries by offering 67% independent white Light, and a substantial 33% of the fixture to producing any color using the H, S, V channels.

This translates into a significantly higher lumen output for both white, and RGB light effects, all in the same Meteor form factor.

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Independent White Light

50% White Light

63% White Light
Colored Lighting
50% RGB
(16% Red, 17% Green, 16% Blue)

33% of Any Color

Lighting Control
Ease of Integration
Red (R), Green (G), Blue (B),
3000K White Light (W)
Advanced and Precise Controls
Hue (H), Saturation (S), Value/Intensity (V),
3000K White Light (W)
Lighting Control
High resolution dims down to 0.1%
(Supports ANSI E1.20 RDM protocol)
High resolution dims down to 0.1%
(Supports ANSI E1.20 RDM protocol)
DMX Patching
Video Flicker Free

Archi-Color™ Hue

Available now with Atria Series and REV Series

Atria 4
Atria 6
Atria 8
Atria 10
Atria 8
REV Prime 8